Loren Mulraine

Loren Mulraine

For singer/songwriter/producer Loren Mulraine, it all starts and ends with the song.From his days growing up singing in New York…to his college years studying Radio, TV and Film…to his time as a radio disc jockey…to teaching and then leading the largest music business program in the country…to his current career as an entertainment lawyer representing some of the leading artists in the music industry while directing the music and entertainment law program as law professor at Belmont University…Loren’s story has always been laser focused on music.




Available now: Father Forgiven - Deluxe Edition - the full 13-song follow-up to the Father Forgiven EP.  Official release August 11, 2017!  You can find Loren Mulraine music and videos and tour dates on this page along with merhandise and links to iTunes!

  • Father Forgiven.mp31:08
  • All Things New.mp31:50
  • I Find You.mp31:36
  • See In Me.mp31:35
  • More.mp31:12
  • Power.mp31:13
  • Bread of Life 1.mp31:19
  • Glory Of You.mp31:10
  • Turning It Over.mp31:08
  • Holy.mp31:33
  • I Want To Know You.mp31:32
  • Who Am I_ 1.mp31:20
  • Power - Reprise.mp31:03