Combining Gospel and CCM, with R&B flavorings and pop sensibilities, Loren’s fifth solo project, (scheduled release 7/3/15), is his most dynamic recording to date.  Produced by Loren along with Mike Alleyne, mixed by Grammy-nominated engineer/producer John Merchant, and mastered by renowned engineer Herb Powers, Jr., Father Forgiven is the follow-up to his 2010 album Fall On Me, which included radio hits “I Am” and “Fall On Me.”

The EP – Father Forgiven, announces its arrival with the infectious “Power” – driven by a Motown groove and dynamic horn arrangements reminiscent of Earth, Wind & Fire, and the energy never stops! The Philly soul ballad “All Things New” drives home the message “you make all things new, old things pass away, when I’m found in you, you make all things new.”  Track three on the EP is the title song, which Loren has chosen as his first concept music video.  The guitar-driven “Father Forgiven” leaps from the speakers with Loren singing its a cappella intro – “Father forgiven, the very moment I believe, Father forgiven, covered washed I’ve been made clean, my sins forgotten, thrown into the deepest sea, Father forgiven, Father forgiven.”  Track 4 on the EP is the acoustic soul ballad “Bread of Life” and is destined to be a fan favorite. Caressing the soulful acoustic guitar vibe within a mid-tempo groove, Loren begins the conversation with “the bread of life, the redeemer, you were there even before time began, light of the world, friend of sinners, son of God and the creator of man, Great I Am, Jehovah, everlasting Father, Mighty God, I call You Lord, I call You Savior, You paid a debt that I could never afford.”  The project closes out with a totally reimagined reprise of “Power” - this time as a power ballad that drives home the refrain that “every breath that I take, every day that I wake, its in You that I have my being, not by strength of my own, its in You Lord alone, You’re the power, You are the power!”

Loren’s previous projects include I’ll Meet You There (1993), In His Shadow (2000) which was critically acclaimed by Billboard Magazine, Spirit and Truth Chapters I & II, (2007), and Fall On Me (2010). Get ready for the next phase of the journey…Father Forgiven

Father Forgiven

The greatest story ever told is the story of God's love and Jesus' sacrifice for us.  There are many ways to tell that story. Loren's brand of storytelling is designed to encourage both believers and those who have yet to make a commitment to Christ. Its purpose is to let the listeners know God's purpose for our lives is so much greater than anything we could ever imagine or hope for.  Loren's music isn't necessarily created for the traditional church service, but really for those who just enjoy great pop and urban soul music and would like to have encouraging words of truth attached to those contemporary grooves.  Loren's latest project Father Forgiven builds on the foundation that was laid by his previous releases Fall On Me, Spirit and Truth Chapters 1 &2, In His Shadow, and I'll Meet You There.  This is everyday music for the believers and the seekers!


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